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Accelerating innovation and organic growth is the business challenge of our time. Profit growth from efficiency is exhausted. The pace of change is increasing. But despite these challenges, your company valuation is tied directly to organic growth, now more than ever. You have committed to it. The market expects it.

You have placed your bets. You need to deliver.

Bionic is an exclusive, shared growth capability arising from an unprecedented collaboration among the world's most respected companies. Bionic wraps around the most critical teams and leaders, helping ensure achievement of current and long-term goals and objectives.

Championed by an exclusive group of corporate innovators, Bionic was born from the pervasive need for better, smarter, faster enterprise innovation and growth.

Better. Faster. Smarter.


Bionic has created a radical new capability for accelerating innovation and organic growth, bringing together 20 of the world's most respected Fortune 500 companies. Bionic equips the most critical teams and leaders to more effectively deliver on growth objectives via three interconnected impact areas.

Meet the Bionic Team

David S. Kidder, Co-Founder
: Founder, CEO, Clickable, Inc. (Acquired by Syncapse)
: Two Time NYT Best Selling Author of The Intellectual Devotional Series, The Startup Playbook
: 2008 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year ©
: BA, Rochester Institute of Technology

Rick Smith, Co-Founder
: Founding CEO of G100 Next Generation Leadership and The Talent Academy. (both privately held)
: Founder and CEO of World 50. (acquired by Equaterra)
: Author of national best-selling books The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers and The Leap
: MBA, Kellogg Graduate School of Management

Carol Seymour, Network Advisor
: Senior Managing Director, World 50 (led premier C-level executive communities for CEOs, CHROs, Pres., Supply Chain)
: Chief Commercial Officer, DBM, Spherion
: Associate Partner, Accenture – co-founded CRM Line of Bus.
: Launched Seurat, a PE roll up of 3 companies

David Ronick, Content
: Co-founder of BoxTop Media, BranchOut
: Author of Hit the Deck: Create a Business Plan in Half the Time with Twice the Impact
: BA, Brown University, MBA, Harvard Business School

Mark Bonchek, Accelerator
: SVP, Communities and Networks, Sears Holdings
: CEO and Founder, Truman Company (acquired)
: Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tapestry Networks
: Ph.D., Harvard University; A.B, Princeton University

Vincent Ma, Askware Platform
: VP, Product, IAC/Citigrid, Director, Product, Clickable
: BA, NYU, MBA, University of California, Berkley

Bart Hacking, Strategy + Finance
: VP, Finance + Strategic Operations, Clickable
: BA, University of Pennsylvania, MBA, Columbia
Meet the Bionic Minds
Bionic is assembling a group of the foremost global experts on Enterprise Innovation and Organic Growth, with more than a half dozen already committed. Follow Bionic as the world's greatest business minds plant their flag on our island.
Join The Bionic Team
Have you ever really, truly loved your job? Bionic is a new and explosive growth organization, working with the world's top executives, entrepreneurs, teams and leaders. Rethink work. All positions with Bionic are exclusively in New York City.

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